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Randy Loubier is the pastor of a small country church in a small town in the small state of New Hampshire, USA. Slow Brewing Tea is his third book and first novel. Some geography and settings were sketched from memories of growing up in New England and his time in Misawa, Japan (1978-1980). For Randy, his years in Japan were an adventurous pursuit of the culture with an attitude and shy personality, not unlike Isaiah. As a slow brewing tea himself, he spent much of the first fifty years of life denying God the Father and pursuing numerous eastern and new-age faiths. He wrote Slow Brewing Tea and the accompanying series The Tea Room Scrolls as

“I found something I’d like to share with the world.”

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    Freethinking Jesus

    Exposing the Illogic of Belief

    I don’t want you to “believe in” anything. I don’t want you to be persuaded to anyone’s opinion, including mine. I just want you to know the facts. What you do with the facts is up to you. I am a freethinker. Maybe you are too. For 50 years of my life, I was not just a freethinker, I was an anti-Christian. I know every argument against Jesus Christ and the Bible. Perhaps you don’t see yourself as an anti-Christian, but if you are a freethinker, you probably have several arguments against Christianity. Could one be that Christians are judgmental and narrow minded? Could another be that Christians (and other religious people) are generally weak people who need religion? That they fell for a book that was written by ancient kings to control the masses?

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    Slow Brewing Tea (English)

    This novel is a quest through the deep valleys and high peaks of a land you have never seen. It is a tea steeped in lingered love, with a rich flavor you have never tasted. ​

    Quests take time, and they change us. We may return home geographically, but never the same person. If you resolve to join Isaiah on his quest, his thoughts, frustrations, defeats, and victories will become yours. ​

    You may choose to leave the quest early or discard the tea before it’s ready, but you will always wonder why… why judging a man before walking a thousand miles with him tastes weak, under brewed, immature…and why those who finish the journey report such gracious glories!

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    The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 1


    Volume 1 contains vital introductory material. We start our exploration with a foundation of mutual respect and love.

    Most students will enter this study with some level of discomfort. The Asian non-Christian may be the most skeptical since they may be thinking, "If I sense any level of animosity to my culture and my heritage I am out!" The western "Asian-leaning" spiritualist (like my former self and Isaiah from Slow Brewing Tea) may be next in line in skepticism--they may feel "This Jesus thing is just a hoax--but...I'm curious."

“Cute little love story with a deeper Love story going on in the Spirit. An interesting venture into a culture unlike mine. I tried assembling the scrolls in my head and am glad that the author has a diagram now available. Pursuit of a relationship with the Creator is easier when you realize He is already pursuing you. I served in the Air Force so I could relate to some of the scenarios. I'm not familiar with Eastern religions so this was new exposure for me. I will definitely read this again and am looking forward to more writing by this author.”

~ Stephen Verrill

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