The Top Five Teachings

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The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 1 - Best Selling Evangelism, Christian Bible Study Book by Randy Loubier, New Boston

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol. 1

Volume 1 contains vital introductory material. We start our exploration with a foundation of mutual respect and love.

Most students will enter this study with some level of discomfort. The Asian non-Christian may be the most skeptical since they may be thinking, "If I sense any level of animosity to my culture and my heritage I am out!" The western "Asian-leaning" spiritualist (like my former self and Isaiah from Slow Brewing Tea) may be next in line in skepticism--they may feel "This Jesus thing is just a hoax--but...I'm curious."

Let's say you are sowing into someone who is still "unsure of this Christian thing." If they have a spiritual background that is Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, New Age, or any Indigenous faith (e.g. American Indian), this is the book to start them on! The most important fundamentals of Christ's teachings are presented in a gentle, non-judgemental, familiar format that is both friendly and straightforward. Pastor Loubier's previous experience in these faiths comes through to compare with what Jesus wants everyone to hear.

Not sure what Jesus' top five teachings are yourself? It's time to find out from a loving, peaceful, voice of reason.