Evangelism: A 40 Day Devotion & Preparation


Evangelism may be the most misunderstood activity in Christianity. Author Randy Loubier brings evangelism alive for you in a way that will bring you closer to Jesus. Get ready for your life to explode with the love of Christ.

God wants you to face outward, see the hurting, the lonely, the confused and the proud. And He wants you to go to them, love them where they are, as they are, and make an introduction to Him.

Yet, most of us say, “I am not an evangelist.” We think evangelism is for the naturals, the sales types.

In just forty days you will throw that mindset away forever and live in an intimacy with Him that reveals the mystery behind Jesus’ greatest commandment, to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and might.


There are seven habits of the active evangelist. Evangelism is living in a new set of habits, ones that will bring extraordinary joy to your life. These seven traits are not giftings; they are simply habits and mindsets that are influenced by a right reading of scripture, and practice. In this devotional, you will get the scripture and the practice over the next forty days. The Holy Spirit will do everything else to make you into a joyful ambassador for Christ.

In your daily readings and practice, you will be developing these seven habits, organically. No memorization. No wondering if you are have the gift of evangelism. Every Christian has been commissioned to love like Jesus, including you, and you've been given all the giftings you need to live like a disciple.


“There is a joy that we read about in Paul’s letters, for example, that escapes most Christians. It’s like an inside secret that few Christians know but is evident in the scriptures when you study them. This “secret,” which shouldn’t be a secret because it is readily revealed and openly talked about amongst evangelists, is something you will find in the next forty days. Your life is poised to explode with love.” Pastor Randy

Best selling author Randy Loubier continues to break ground with his compelling insight into Biblical truths as he helps you find your “joy abundant” in Christ. Pastor Randy’s first fifty years of life were as an anti-Christian giving us a refreshing and powerful perspective on Christianity.

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