The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 2 eBook

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 2 eBook

The Eight Points of Blessed Living

How Do I Find Joy In My Current Life?

Volume 2 follows the left column of The Tea Room Scrolls Grid. If you read Slow Brewing Tea, you will remember Akira teaching in the tea room on the Eight Points of Blessed Living. This session in the tea room impacted Isaiah powerfully; you will be changed by this teaching, too! Every human being, regardless of spiritual background, ethnicity and culture wonders "HOW DO I FIND JOY IN MY CURRENT LIFE?"

As you and I struggle to maintain a balance between work, family, health and faith we frequently ponder, "Is there a better way?" We wonder, why didn't God give us a simple path to joy? Why can't I catch a break? Why can't I just pray a prayer and start to live with God's favor?

If you are self-reliant you assume you just need to try harder. If you are a Buddhist you try to meditate your way into joy. If you are a Taoist you seek guidance from the I-Ching to find a new path of joy amidst the latest winds of change. If you are a Shinto you try to appease the good spirits to find favor and joy. If you are a Hindu you double down on your meditation and prayers to find favor and joy.

Jesus has a lot to say about finding joy in your current life. He talked far more about this life than the afterlife. He claims there is a path you can follow to find joy, in your current life, in all circumstances! This powerful eight week self-study course will open up the scriptures to you and change you forever.

Writing Now! Targeting to release February 2022.

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 2 eBook

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