The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 4 eBook

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 4 eBook

Where Is My Fire?

For Life, Love and God

Young or old, we can get to a place in our life where we wonder, "Where did I lose my fire?" You remember a time in your life when you were on fire. You had energy, drive, passion. You had a desire to pursue the mystery, to take the road less travelled, to explore the recesses of your creativity, to think out of the box, to discuss topics into the wee hours of the night and to to see the world.

Where did you lose that? In your job, in your struggles with a relationship, in addiction, in disappointment?

Inevitably, all of us find ourselves in this place. But, Jesus doesn't want you to live there! He has other plans for your life! He wants you to metaphorically face south and let Him rekindle your fire! In this study you will join Jesus as He teaches you to reach out to Him, and pursue His path of fire. An adventurous life of passion is waiting for you!

Targeting release in 2022

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 4 eBook

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