The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 5 eBook

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 5 eBook

What Is "Good" For Me?

How Do I Gain Confidence in Making Choices?

Some of us seem to be naturally inclined to making decisions quickly and confidently. Others of us are agonized, even frozen in despair, over making "the right" choices. Yet, it doesn't take long in life for everyone to reach a point where they desire a supernatural answer to dawn on them as the exact right answer for the exact situation they are in. Maybe we are in a foreign complicated land, maybe we see an ethical conundrum, maybe we face a fierce and powerful enemy, maybe we are experiencing shame.

The Taoist reaches for the I-Ching, the Buddhist and Hindu meditates, the Shinto asks their ancestor, the spiritualist looks for signs or consults a medium, the self-reliant pours over the research again, the emotional thinker asks their friends to tell them or pray for them.

But what does Jesus say to do? In this study, you will metaphorically face west and you will seek and find the "good way," a path set out by Jesus in which you will find confidence, peace and the right answer for your situation.

Targeting to release in 2022
The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 5 eBook

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