The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 6 eBook

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 6 eBook

How Do I Gain Wisdom?

How Do I Develop Mental Toughness and Aquity?

Shortly after I started reading the Bible I met a man who told me that the Bible contains everything I would ever want to know about being a man, a husband, a father, a friend and a business executive. I was surprised by the last in his list, a business executive. I have been in business since I was eleven years old. Prior to being saved by Jesus, nothing intrigued me more than being a great business executive, business has been a lifelong focus of achievement and success.

It turns out that man was right. Jesus doesn't want you to be a puppet. He wants you to be wise, pursue truth and develop a mental toughness that will keep you focused on your mission, His mission for your life, no matter what obstacles you face. He wants you to get up, get going, use your brain, use your body, and win the race.

In this study, you will metaphorically face north and discover how Jesus gives the gift of wisdom and mental toughness.

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The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 6 eBook

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