The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 7 eBook

The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 7 eBook

Which Way?

How Do I Find The Central Purpose of My Life?

There are many "ways." There are many paths in front of us. Most of us never really choose a path. Sadly, we tend to meander in the direction of our family, our ancestors, our local culture. Rarely do we examine the path beneath our feet. Therefore, we never get to Volume 7. Not many will make it this far, metaphorically or literally. It's too much work to look at our path and wonder--is this the right path for me? And lest you think westerners have the corner on individualism and find it easy to choose a path less traveled, all humans are equally blind, and worse yet, westerners are without the excuse of Wa, face or shame to blame it on.

Jesus asks you to find a path that will illuminate your purpose in life. Not so you can be a "good person," not so you can get rich, not so you can be famous. He reaches out His hand to you and says, "I have birthed you for a purpose. Yes, you. Just you. I gave you unique gifts for that purpose. Take my hand and follow me. I have all of it figured out ahead of time for you, if you will but trust me. Wa, face, shame, disappointment, worry, fear, anxiety, failure, embarrassment, ridicule, persecution, torture and death. All of it will melt away in my arms. Trust me and follow me. You will never look back. I am the middle way! I am."

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The Tea Room Scrolls Vol 7 eBook

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