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In my years of talking with people about “the deeper topics,” I’ve found a common condition; nearly all of us have come close to death, at least once.

I think you'll agree that the aftermath to the near-death experience is an odd twilight zone. Having skirted the reaper's scythe, we find ourselves in an indescribable nowhere's land in which we are filled with juxtaposing emotions and logic. We are delighted to still be alive, certain we should have died, guilty because we deserve to be dead, angry it happened, scared of it happening again, wondering if something supernatural saved us, yet certain it had to be just chance, embarrassed that we are going to have to talk about, and proud we survived.

In addition to all the mixed-up emotions just listed, I believe the aftermath includes a cleansing, too, like a cool thunderstorm at the end of a hot summer day. Let’s take this interesting post-near-death zone and use it to reflect, think about your purpose, think

In this short book you'll meet three people who have been in your shoes and took advantage of this unique time to rest, heal and ponder. Let their stories get you thinking. Why are you still alive? Open yourself to the mystery, while the knock on the door is audible. It's quiet now. You can hear the knock. Answer the door and enjoy!

Why Are You Still Alive?

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