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About Randy Loubier

Christian Fiction & Bible Studies Author & Pastor In New Boston,NH

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Randy Loubier is the pastor of a small country church in a small town

in the small state of New Hampshire, USA.


Slow Brewing Tea, a finalist in the 2022 Christian Indie Awards, was

his third book and first novel. Some geography and settings were

sketched from memories of growing up in New England and his

time in Misawa, Japan (1978-1980). For Randy, his years in Japan

were an adventurous pursuit of the culture with an attitude

and shy personality, not unlike Isaiah.


As a slow brewing tea himself, he spent much of the first fifty years

of life denying God the Father and pursuing numerous eastern and

new-age faiths. He wrote Slow Brewing Tea and the accompanying

series The Tea Room Scrolls as “I found something I’d like to share

with the world.”

Randy came from humble beginnings in the state of Maine, where

religion was not a part of his family life. Therefore, it was quite

surprising that at the age of fifty, with decades of diverse

spiritual wanderings, and a strong bias against Christianity, Randy

picked up a Bible and decided to read it. He soon fell in love and

became a voracious Bible reader.


It wasn't long before he realized that Jesus' teachings were vastly

different from what he had heard from both Christians and


Today, in his novels and other books, he includes accurate biblical

teachings, convinced that Jesus wants us all to fall in love with him

privately and personally.

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Contact Randy Loubier

Christian Fiction & Bible Studies Author & Pastor in New Boston, NH


219 Chestnut Hill Rd New Boston, NH 03070



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