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  • First of all, let’s talk about the beautiful cover, this cover completely makes you feel at peace which is truly what the book is about, about finding oneself, about the Christian vision of a path a man took to live and how he found peace with it. To be honest I’m not a religious person and this book was completely out of the box for me, but I truly enjoyed it. Isaiah decides to embark in a new path, going to Japan was something he was looking forward, to find himself and find Christ, and what he finds goes beyond anything he imagined. A true love story hand in hand with faith and redemption.

  • There is so much to love about this novel. The imagery of rural Japan brings the setting alive; the emotion and of a man desiring to find more in life draws us into his internal struggle, and the love and generosity of a family remind us of what is good and true. But this author doesn’t just bring us thru a predictable love story. Randy Loubier takes on a journey of discovery and before we know it, we are falling in love with the characters, with Japan, and with the deep and enduring truth.

  • Goodreads 4.22/5 Stars, 1,158 ratings

  • Bookbub  4.5/5 Stars, 32 ratings

  • Amazon 4/5 Stars, 12 ratings

  • I would like to offer you a heartfelt thank you Pastor Randy for writing this book. It has put my own walk with Christ in a new perspective, given me greater understanding of how Eastern influences in my twenties have shaped me, and left me feeling encouraged to study the Bible and pursue Jesus with a fresh framework to guide me.Additonal keywords to focus on “Sharing my Faith

  • The Tea Room Scrolls by Randy Loubier takes his readers on a spiritual journey that combines Eastern culture with Christianity. Living in Japan for two years, showed Loubier a people that had biblical standards woven in their lifestyle. The love, genuine care, and the peace they show towards those around them emphasize the Bible teachings. I enjoyed the layout of this book and how it is written and the added bold type and boxes helped to keep the focus on the main points. As I was reading The Tea Room Scrolls, I found many things that Randy Loubier brought to light in an interesting way. His chapter on Doubt is Normal was intriguing as he encourages us to doubt so we will ask questions and dig for the answer ourselves. Don't just leave it at doubt, act on it and find the solution within the pages of the Bible. Never let doubt or fear rule your mind.

  • Author Randy Loubier spent 50 years of his life as an anti-Christian, and in his words “ so I know all the arguments and excuses for disbelieving, doubting, being frustrated with church and Christians in general.” During this time, he studied and practiced many Asian spiritual pursuits, and at the age of 50 he finally read the Bible and was born again by the Word of God. Now, as an author and pastor, his aim is to reach two groups of people—curious non-believers and fringe Christians—to ignite or re-ignite their love for Jesus. An ambitious task, but one in my opinion he is excelling at. The Tea Room Scrolls is a portal that leads to both the above groups in a unique way of learning and studying scripture, using an ancient Eastern context. It is a study and an overview of the top five most important teachings of the Bible. I’m not a particularly religious person myself, but I found this to be a fascinating read. I found The Tea Room Scrolls to be unique in its way of teachings by incorporating different faiths and looking at the similarities. It took me on a journey that made me look at religion in a different way to that which I’m familiar with, which I guess was the purpose of Loubier writing this book. After contemplating what I’d read I found a greater understanding and vision from reading this spiritual book and I would recommend to anyone even remotely curious about this sort of thing. Wether someone looking to read a different perspective, or maybe even someone doubting their own faith.

  • Goodreads 5/5 Stars, 1 ratings

  • Amazon 5/5 Stars, 1 ratings

  • Compelling book, loaded with practical how-to info and encouragement. Great reminder that God loves all people and desires that none should perish. He goes before us to prepare the ground and after us to nourish the seeds that are sown. Thank you, Mr. Loubier, for sharing your story with us and the world!

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