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Are In Love?


Toss aside religion: we can't fall in love with a church building or dogma, but a person.

Jesus brought a message of hope, love and joy. It doesn't matter if you are a "Christian" or not, Jesus has a deeper personal joy waiting for you.


Toss aside rules: we don't experience love by following rules, but the freedom of love itself.


Jesus offers us a betrothal, a love relationship that stirs us to want the best for each other. 

Toss aside western Christian culture: love is not cultural, it transcends forms, rituals and rites.

If you aren't in love with Jesus, you will be soon. People all over the world are re-discovering that Jesus isn't religion, church, rules or culture. He's love, knocking on your door.


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Randy Loubier is a former anti-Christian, now pastor of Chestnut Hill Chapel in New Hampshire, USA.


Pastor Randy is the author of Christian books which reflect his sympathy for the "slow brewing tea," the person who is reticent to accept salvation in Jesus Christ. His own 50 years of spiritual wandering and anti-religious mindset provide a viewpoint that every Christian needs to hear.

It was the non-religious who heard and followed Jesus two thousand years ago. At the time, it was a great awakening to the real message of the Creator.


Today still, those who can best hear the words of Christ are the non-religious. Are you ready to fall in love?





- Randy Loubier

Seasoned By Fire will change how you see yourself and your relationships. Two love stories woven together. Separated by 400 years. United by hope, love and truth.


“Randy Loubier pens a fascinating story as you walk with Isaiah on his quest for answers he has been searching for in life. Slow Brewing Tea opens up the Japanese culture in a fresh way as you watch how they view God, family, and trials. I loved how Nori and her grandfather, Itsuki, prepared Isaiah’s heart to receive the truth since people who should have loved and guided he as a child had hurt him. Overall, this novel reveals how God can heal a heart when someone is open to the truth. Loubier interlaced truth and wisdom within a fascinating novel that leaves you thinking about the lessons Isaiah learned.”