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I don’t want you to “believe in” anything. I don’t want you to be persuaded to anyone’s opinion, including mine. I just want you to know the facts.


What you do with the facts is up to you. I am a freethinker. Maybe you are too. For 50 years of my life, I was not just a freethinker, I was an anti-Christian. I know every argument against Jesus Christ and the Bible.


Perhaps you don’t see yourself as an anti-Christian, but if you are a freethinker, you probably have several arguments against Christianity. Could one be that Christians are judgmental and narrow minded? Could another be that Christians (and other religious people) are generally

weak people who need religion? That they fell for a book that was written by ancient kings to control the masses? It is a long list, we won’t go through it now, but you know the list.


At the age of fifty, I turned my freethinking ways toward an honest investigation of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. I finally read that book I swore I would never read, the Bible. My life has never been the same.


But, I don’t want you to believe me. I don’t want you to be persuaded to my opinion. Rather, I want to put a burr in your sock; I want to make you feel a little uncomfortable. I want to take you on a journey, on a tour of my old worldview, and have you discover with me how illogical my old worldview was. I suspect you will identify with my old views, and find yourself getting quite uncomfortable as I expose the illogic of disbelief.


“Really?” you might say. “Are you suggesting I might be illogical? ...


Freethinking Jesus

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