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Toss aside "religion," we can't fall in love with a church building or dogma, but a person.

Jesus brought a message of hope, love and joy. Maybe you don't identify as a "Christian" but Jesus has a deeper personal joy waiting for you.


Toss aside rules: we don't experience love by following rules, but the freedom of love itself.


Jesus offers us a betrothal, a love relationship that stirs us to want the best for each other. 

Toss aside western Christian culture: love is not cultural, it transcends forms, rituals and rites.

If you aren't in love with Jesus, you will be soon. People all over the world are re-discovering that Jesus isn't religion, church, rules, or culture. He's love, knocking on your door.

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Best Selling Books Author & Pastor in New Boston, New Hampshire. Christian Fiction Books | Evangelism | Christian Romance/Fiction eBooks | Christian Romance Novels | Japanese Bible Studies | Sharing Faith | Faith Forward vs. Sin Forward

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Randy Loubier is a former anti-Christian, now pastor of Chestnut Hill Chapel in New Hampshire, USA.


Pastor Randy is the author of Christian books which reflect his sympathy for the "slow brewing tea," the person who is reticent to accept salvation in Jesus Christ. His own 50 years of spiritual wandering and  anti-religious mindset provide a viewpoint that every Christian needs to hear.

It was the non-religious who heard and followed Jesus two thousand years ago. At the time, it was a great awakening to the real message of the Creator.


Today still, those who can best hear the words of Christ may be the non-religious. Are you ready to fall in love, and then point that love toward others?





- Randy Loubier

Seasoned By Fire will change how you see yourself and your relationships. Two love stories woven together. Separated by 400 years. United by hope, love and truth.


On Slow Brewing Tea “Randy Loubier pens a fascinating story as you walk with Isaiah on his quest for answers he has been searching for in life. Slow Brewing Tea opens up the Japanese culture in a fresh way as you watch how they view God, family, and trials. I loved how Nori and her grandfather, Itsuki, prepared Isaiah’s heart to receive the truth since people who should have loved and guided he as a child had hurt him. Overall, this novel reveals how God can heal a heart when someone is open to the truth. Loubier interlaced truth and wisdom within a fascinating novel that leaves you thinking about the lessons Isaiah learned.”

On Evangelism, A 40 Day Devotion and Preparation "Very thorough and well laid out to guide and challenge us step by step. Definitely helped remove fear of evangelizing and loved that it is focused on the needs of the person you are encountering and not just a methodical process to evangelize. Definitely a loving like Jesus guide."

Since 1980, we've witnessed a great de-churching in the west, and we've prayed for another Jonathan Edwards or Billy Graham to light a big huge fire across the west. But it hasn't happened. Maybe that's not what God wants. Maybe it's up to us--you and me--the unknowns, the men and women who simply love Christ. Maybe us non-evangelists should unite, encourage each other, teach each other, and move out with a massive blanket of love across this world.

Do you feel a tug to share the joy of Christ, but don't want to be 'that guy?'


You can be you. Jesus did two things: spent alone time with the Father, and then pointed the Father's love at people. That's already you! You can leave the methods, programs and tracts behind. If you want it to be real simple, pray for everyone you see and watch what happens! You were already out doing errands anyway--why not pray for everyone? Eyes open, silently praying. Imagine the commuter train car where every Christian puts away their phone and prays for everyone in sight! That's being the body of Christ, in the will of the Father! Hallelujah!




I am not an organization, or a para-church, or a…whatever. I’m just a guy who loves Jesus with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. And I want to connect with others who feel the same. I like evangelists because they understand me. BUT I LIKE CHRISTIANS WHO AREN'T EVANGELISTS. Can we just be a bunch of people who love Jesus and want to share His love in the world, with no other label? No need to question theology, denomination, or anything else that has divided churches.

Let the churches be who they are. But, you and I have a job to do, we have a mission to complete. We work directly for the King. Nobody else. I believe the King is asking us to mobilize. Now. We don’t need to wait until CHURCH ATTENDANCE has dropped another percentage point to say, “Now! Now is the time of their salvation! Let's point the Father's love at them and watch God work!”


Did this clip surprise you? Some Christians think it is our job to be a fish bouncer, aggressively tossing out the bad fish, yet the scriptures tell us that Jesus and the angels will do that job. In fact, Jesus even told us not to pull up the weeds, lest we pull up the wheat along with it. For me, I know I don’t want to be the cause of Christians losing their faith because I was yanking up weeds; I believe I would have to answer for that on judgment day. So, I have adopted a simple attitude of “Love Forward. Do No Harm.”

It’s really freeing to evangelize that way. I’m out spreading the good news—it will be up to Jesus to judge the bad news. Furthermore, if I do a thorough job and lead them to the Word, the source of faith, they will read it for themselves, and the Holy Spirit will guide them on their personal journey of sanctification.

“You are to gather as many as possible. Of all kinds. I will sort them out later.”


More than just interconnecting with fellow evangelists, how do we raise an army who love like Jesus?

The average Christian feels a tug to share their faith; yet don’t. I think they would if they knew what they were missing out on. The best fun on earth, the greatest joy any human will ever experience, is watching God connect with someone. If you have seen it happen, you know what I mean! And how about the lead-up? When God literally intervenes in the physical plane to cause someone to turn around and walk toward you so you can offer prayer, mercy, and hope. Sharing the love of Christ is a box seat to the greatest show on earth! Watching God work beats every sporting event, concert, and tractor pull!

If you are feeling God’s tug to evangelize, I am excited for you! You are going to be doused with a bucket of love!

Let’s get you started. We need to find the right venue for you. Most evangelists are not street evangelists. God has a place for you—let’s have you discover it! He brought you to this time and place. He birthed you, gifted you, put you through experiences to teach you skills and connected you with people to lead you to this moment. He intends to use you as you are today. Take this short quiz (Coming Soon—check back later!) to determine where you might be best used by Him.



I love the down and out, and the busy places outside



I'm in walmart, grocery stores and anywhere people shop



I minister online FB, Twitter, Instagram, linkedIn



I get numbers for people in crisis and minister on the phone



I love to engage with people at work



I set up a booth at fairs, races, shows



I am on boards of non-profit & organizations with community involvement



I love to connect with and minister to public officials

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