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Evangelism has changed over the last 2000 years. Today’s evangelists often use words that were never uttered by Jesus and the Apostles. Pastor Randy Loubier has analyzed every scripture in Matthew, John and Acts to support his case that Christians should return to a first century approach. Indeed, he claims, our current evangelism practices may well have contributed to the decline in Christianity in the west.

“Anti-Christian sentiment has spread into every corner of western society. I know it well because I formerly shared that mindset. This short booklet will give you insight into reaching anyone embedded in hard soil. Evangelists in the US, Canada, Europe, Soviet Union, China, Japan, and India should use a 1st century approach.” Pastor Randy

√ Learn what non-Christians think of you.
√ Know why your seeds are dying immediately.
√ Learn the first century approach to sharing the Gospel.
√ Eliminate your fears! Every disciple of Christ can easily share like this.

Sharing the Gospel like Jesus and the Apostles will bring you extraordinary joy. If you have been born of the Spirit, you are an evangelist and may not know it. By the end of this booklet, you will see evangelism in a new light, His light. No fears. No agenda. All joy.

Whether you believe that evangelism for the 21st century is impossible or that evangelism is not enough or that you must discover evangelism for non-evangelists, Sowing in Hard Ground will have you sharing the gospel authentically in just a few hours. Evangelism in daily life, evangelism where you live, is possible, but perhaps not in the way you may think.

Evangelism is how the whole church speaks of Jesus, and yet the whole church doesn’t speak in unison. Most of the evangelism methods available teach an evangelism tradition, not a way of mimicking Jesus or even using the methods of evangelism in the early church.

For example, evangelism Ray Comfort style is a method of getting people to agree they are a sinner. Ray Comfort School of Biblical Evangelism will teach you a method that is Biblical. Yet Ray Comfort evangelism is not how evangelism in the early church was conducted.

By the way, if you are unconvinced that evangelism is important, there are many evangelism books to help you understand why evangelism is God’s will. Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer is a classic, one that I recommend. If you are questioning evangelism, this would be a good resource.

But for most of us, knowing we are supposed to evangelize is only somewhat helpful. What we really need is a comfortable way of conducting evangelism in a skeptical world. We need to speak to the skeptic in a way that does not alienate them.

So how do you mimic evangelism in the early church? First century evangelism was conducted in the way Jesus taught. Jesus had ushered in a new Kingdom with a new King. And he offered a new life in the new Kingdom. Jesus followed the master plan of evangelism, direct from His Father. We can study Jesus’ methods of evangelism and mimic them.

Evangelism seems like a burden to most Christians. Many have tried evangelism and given up. “No wonder the workers for the harvest are few! Until someone comes up with evangelism for the rest of us, I’m out!”

Yet, Jesus said his yoke is easy. So, why is evangelism so hard? Perhaps we need to scrap what we have learned and go back to Jesus. Jesus is easy. Take Jesus’ way of evangelism and you will find joy. No burden, just joy untold. You don’t have to hammer the unbeliever into submission, you can lovingly lead them to the one who promises joy, abundant joy.

You will find Sowing in Hard Ground easy to read (just a short 100 pages), easy to understand, and it comes with a tract that you can use to keep your conversations on track. You are about to discover the joy of evangelism!

Sowing in Hard Ground

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