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Faith Forward Radio Interview

Faith Forward is in beta and gaining attention. A radio station in Pittsburgh is interviewing me tomorrow. I appreciate your prayers.

Beta feedback is coming in and has been invaluable in shaping the conversation about how Jesus spoke to unbelievers. We know he spoke to ears that could hear.

But in what ways? When he spoke to a crowd that included unbelievers he spoke in diffuse language, such that when the disciples got him alone they needed to ask him to explain. In those private sessions he used more direct words. The contrast of these two conversations, both of which are in the Bible for us to read, is startling.

He never threatened hell to an unbeliever for personal sin. Yet he did with believers.

We know sin separates us from God. Yet, Jesus did the opposite, proving the Pharisees wrong, eating with, healing, feeding, teaching, loving, and weeping over the sinners.

Why? We aren’t certain. We can be sure though it was purposeful. Jesus is the perfect lamb of God.

And since he asks us to follow him, wouldn't it be fruitful to speak and act with unbelievers in the same manor as Christ?

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